Wadowice – City of Pope John Paul II

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Discover the story of John Paul II and the place that inspired him while exploring the historic streets and beautiful architectural highlights of Wadowice.

  • Discover the home of Pope John Paul II
  • Visit UNESCO-listed Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Sanctuary
  • Taste the famous cream cake “Kremowka” – the Pope’s favourite

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Wadowice, the place where it all began – a trip to the birthplace of one of the greatest Popes Discover the history of John Paul II while strolling along the streets of Wadowice.
The home town of Karol Wojtyla (later known as John Paul II) is definitely worth visiting. The small, charming town of Wadowice had a great influence on Polish Pope – he called it ‘the place where it all began’. Our tour starts on Wadowice’s main square where you can see 161 memorial plaques commemorating the Pope’s pilgrimages to more than 100 countries. Next, we walk to the parish church where he was baptized and the house where he was born (70 minutes tour with a guide). During a coffee break, you can try Wotyla’s favorite cake ‘kremowka’. On the way back to Krakow, we stop in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, the town visited several times during his pilgrimages to Wadowice. The place is famous for calvary, i.e. Roman Catholic monastery and the trails of the Passion of Christ modeled on the Calvary outside the city walls of Jerusalem.

The tour usually lasts 6 – 7 hours in total.


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