Dunajec river rafting

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Go sightseeing in the region – see castles and quaint small towns typical of Poland. Finish off your morning by rafting on the Dunajec River.

  • Take part in a relaxing rafting adventure along the Dunajec River
  • Admire one of a kind scenery of the Polish highlands while floating on a traditional raft
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage wooden church at Dębno

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One of the most spectacular gorges of Europe – rafting on Dunajec river and sightseeing the region. Admire amazing scenery of the Polish highlands while floating on a traditional raft.

The Dunajec River Gorge, a narrow valley of 9 kilometers length, is featured on the UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. During the flow on Dunajec, you can explore the biggest attractions of Pieniny National Park: limestone cliffs ranging between 300 m and 500 m in height as well as rich flora and fauna. For almost 160 years rafting has been organized by locals for tourists, in the past, they were mainly guests of nearby castles. Today it is one of the most exciting experiences that provides a lot of fun for young and old. Before taking a step on the raft, we will take you to Dębno to see one of the oldest churches in Poland. On our way, we will also stop in Niedzica to admire a medieval castle situated picturesquely on the shore of the lake. The main attraction of the day – rafting on the river Dunajec will take around 2,5 hours and will end in a charming small town of Szczawnica. After lunch, we will hit the road and travel back to Krakow through Gorczanski National Park – the best way to finish this unforgettable day.

The tour usually lasts 9 -10 hours in total. This tour is not available from 1st November to 31st March.


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