Shooting range

Feel the thrill and have fun in Krakow!

Shooting range

Feel the thrill and have fun in Krakow – take your mates and experience something fantastic!

If you are bored with traditional sightseeing, you have to try this! You will not regret! You do no need to have any permission to use a gun in a professional shooting range. Just choose the gun (Kalasznikow, Shotgun or Glock), load it and feel like a movie hero. Maybe shooting contest with your friends? Enjoy your day at the shooting range.

We provide transport from your hotel to the venue and back. If you are a first time visitor, professional teacher will give you a short introduction (safety rules and etiquette at range).

Our driver is always waiting for you at location and he will be pleased to help you. Please contact with us for information about prices.


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