Schindler Sites & KL Plaszow Tour

Learn about the remarkable history of Krakow city during the holocaust.

Schindler Sites & KL Plaszow Tour

Take a 4-hour sightseeing of Krakow, visiting the Oscar Schindler Factory Museum, Liban quarry and the former KL Plaszow (Plaszow – concentration camp).

Start your tour with a short meet and greet with your guide in your Downtown located hotel. Take a short drive to your first two locations – the Podgorski Square and the Ghetto Hero Square. Once there, feel free to peruse with your tour guide whilst learning some of the site’s interesting and devastating World War II history. Continue on your tour to one of Krakow’s most historically important locations, the former  Plaszow concentration camp. With your guide, see the insides of the second largest Nazi concentration camp in Poland where not only Jewish but also Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian populations were exterminated.

After your time spent in the concentration camp, you will then proceed with your guide to the Oscar Schindler Factory Museum. Here you will be allowed to enter and witness relics from World War II, broadening your understanding of the loss suffered by Jewish people during the war. Once you have finished in the Museum your guide will take you back to your hotel.

Price List

Number of people 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 more
Price per person (PLN) 300 250 220 200 180 180 170 Please, contact us
Number of people Price per person (PLN)
2 300
3 250
4 220
5 200
6 180
7 180
8 170
more Please, contact us


  • A privet guide
  • Door-to-door transportation ( hotel or apartment pick up and drop off)
  • Professional help in case of any issue
  • Car only for you
  • Museum entrance fees

Schindler Sites & KL Plaszow Tour