Hello Cracow’s tips

Experience and enjoy the best that city has to offer!

Obwarzanek (bagel)

This dough ring sprinkled with salt, poppy or sesame seeds has tradition reaching 15 th century and is protected by the EU on its Traditional Foods List. You can buy it from rolling carts on many street corners – in the summer bakers produce up to 200,000 rings daily!

Static balloon

Next to the Vistula river you can spot a unique viewing platform – the balloon that can hold 16 people and rises to approx. 300m on a static line. It gives great views over medieval town borders, old Jewish District and city surroundings. In good weather conditions Tatra mountains can be seen!

St. Mary’s Trumpet Call

Legend says there was a watcher in Saint Mary’s Church tower that played the bugle call, giving the signal to open and close the city gates. Once he spotted the enemy and sounded the alarm – the city gates were luckily closed on time, but the trumpeter was shot and did not complete the anthem. Nowadays trumpet call is played every hour on the hour – to commemorate this history music ends abruptly before completion.

Fire Breathing Dragon

There is a cave beneath Wawel Hills where according to the legend dragon used to live. Smart shepherd, Dratewka, killed the beast in unconventional way and became king. Today you can see statue of dragon, which lets out a flame of fire every few minutes. It is a great photo opportunity!

Sausage from the van

Two guys, blue Nysa car and the grill – you will find them in the evening next to Hala Targowa in a half way between Kazimierz and main square. You have to try their speciality: pork sausage cooked on large skewers served with a fresh roll and a squirt of mustard. ‘Kiełbasa z rożna’ is worth queuing!

Krakus and Wanda Mounds

‘Kopiec Krakusa’ and ‘Kopiec Wandy’ are mysterious, prehistoric man-made hills that are astronomically aligned. Some say the mounds were erected to commemorate the first ruler of the city – Krak and his daughter Wanda. Krakus Mound is especially worth to visit – it provides incredible panoramic view!